Agata Agatowska

Cosmic Girl, 2021

Sculptures made by Agata Agatowska constitute a combination of European figuration with Japanese motifs, fashion and theatre shows, and elements of pop culture. The effect of this combination is fairy-tale, surreal sculptures, which reflect the trend of departure from realism towards phantasy, universally prevailing worldwide today. Comic books, fashion and pop culture are blended to create works being a certain collage of reality.

Agata Agatowska – Cosmic Girl
Agata Agatowska – Cosmic Girl
Agata Agatowska – Cosmic Girl
Agata Agatowska – Cosmic Girl

The nature of the artist’s sculptures was influenced by her experiences with pantomime and her cooperation with the Velvets puppet theatre from Wiesbaden (Germany). Theatre threads have penetrated her works in the form of costume, pose and fairy-tale elements. Her pieces were inspired also by fashion shows by Alexander McQueen, Nicolas Ghesquièr, Thierry Mugler and Karl Lagerfeld.


The modernity and futurism of the forms result from the observation of the world, the development of design, fashion, architecture, which strive for smooth, streamlined, reduced forms.


All elements in the artist’s pieces are subject to simplification. The minimalistic trend is visible not only in the form but also in the smooth surface. Feelings are reduced as well: they are not manifested in the pose, like in the past centuries, but in the shape of the forms. The futurism is highlighted by the materials used: mastic, polished aluminium, bronze. Glossy surfaces and unusual colours make the figures unreal, invest the sculptures with a modern character. The purpose of the pedestal is to reinforce the cosmic effect.


Sculptures by Agatowska are figurative pieces characterised by a high degree of abstraction. They do not present anything that actually exists but something that came into existence through sculpture. The artist does not render the world but constructs the form from the inside, by juxtaposing shapes, sizes, and finally contents.


In her output, she focuses on the future, which is unreal, dream-like.


All features of Agatowska’s oeuvre are revealed also in the “Cosmic Girl”, the stimulus for the creation of which was Thierry Mugler, a designer, and the science fiction style jacket he designed. The corporeality of the figure is concealed under a costume resembling a futuristic armor, which transforms a human into a robot. A human-machine, armed with a fashionable costume, the woman is ready to fight against adversities. The costume contrasts with the delicate girly face. By her images of women Agatowska creates a cosmic world, makes visions of strong contemporary goddesses, figures from the future, whose feelings are concealed. Nevertheless, futuristic romanticism emanates from under the minimalistic, cool coating of the costume and pose.

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